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SPACE ROCK CAKES with Teacher Ellie ๐Ÿ

Join us in the kitchen for some baking and learn how to make some yummy rock cakes!

You will need:

๐Ÿ An oven (make sure your grown ups help with this!)

๐Ÿ Plain Flour

๐Ÿ Softened Butter

๐Ÿ Brown Sugar

๐Ÿ Raisins or Chocolate Chips

๐Ÿ Baking Powder

๐Ÿ Egg

๐Ÿ Milk

๐Ÿ A tray with parchment paper and butter so your rock cakes don't stick!

๐Ÿ You can add glitter or sprinkles to make your space rock cakes even more unique!

Enjoy your tasty space rock cakes!

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